Our Story

Created by teachers for teachers. Learnbylayers was started in the summer of 2017 as a project to help teachers access high quality educational resources. In the short amount of time that we have been running we have helped thousands of students with our 3D Printing curriculum. Teachers understand how lessons run and what work's with children. That's why all the learnbylayers curriculum has been written by current teachers for teachers. With technology advancing at such a rapid pace it is vital that school children are taught these new skills as early as possible. 3D Printing will change design and manufacturing like computers and coding have changed how we operate every day. That's why it's imperative that children are taught about this ground breaking technology. For the teaching of 3D Printing to expand it is vital that it is driven from the front line, that is why our teachers have been 3D Printing in the classroom for years. These resources are tried, tested and validated by current teachers form the UK. The resources can be tailored to any curriculum as they can be fully edited and come with a life time license.


“Everything you need to start teaching 3D Printing to your classes.”

Our Aim

The learning opportunities 3D Printers can bring to students and their lessons is truly breath taking. Whilst many schools are purchasing 3D Printers there is no ‘go to place’ for tried and tested resources that are proven in the classroom. Learnbylayers is a resource for teachers that has been created by teachers. Our aim is to support classroom teachers with high quality 3D Printing resources to improve the educational outcomes of their students. From lesson plans, power points, lesson tasks, design challenges and assessments, the learnbylayers curriculum is designed to give your students a fun and exciting experience whilst learning about 3D Printing. Our aim is simple, learnbylayers will teach your classes about 3D Printing with no planning needed by the teacher.

photo of phil cotton

Our Founder

CPD mark National STEM learning

Philip Cotton has been a leading teacher of 3D printing for the past six years.

3D Printing adviser and holder of Associate Facilitator Mark – National STEM Learning UK.

Autodesk Certified User and Instructor

Educational excellence winner 3D printshow 2013 and 2014.

Speaker at educational conferences.


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