Design models and 3D print with ease. No prior learning needed.

Create models with your classes with ease using the 'world's easiest CAD software' 3Dslash. Want to start 3D modelling with younger students but don't want to overwhelm them with the complexities of some CAD packages? Then start them off using 3D Slash. This software is free to use and works on the concept of 'chipping' and 'sculpting' away at a block until you have designed a model to 3D print. No registration or user names are needed, just start designing away using the hammer from the top left of the window below. Once you have designed a model just press the STL icon on the right to download your design. Then you just need to 3D print your model.

“Fun and engaging lessons, great for young children. This breaks down the barriers to learning CAD. ”

3Dslash can be used on any device or browser. You can model on a desktop, smartphone, tablet or a latop and the files you create are free to download. Just press the STL button once you have finished modelling. The software has extremely powerful features where you can hold the 'hammer button' down and access more advanced features to increase accuracy. Features include the ability to rebuild parts that have been chipped away by using the 'trowel' function. You can also use the 'chisel' feature to slice away large parts of the model at one time. If you want to undo your previous action, then just press the backwards arrow.

3DSlash is partnered with some of the biggest names in technology including 'Google, Thingiverse and 3DHubs. To read more about 3D slash click the logo below.

“Send in images of your design using 3D Slash and we will feature them in our learning gallery. ”

3d slash robot in office
starwars x wing modelled in 3d slash
3dslash logo
3d slash modelled empire state building


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