National Standards UK

Below we have mapped out where each lesson reflects the standards of the UK National Curriculum (ages 11 – 13). These reflect the Design and Technology ‘Programmes of Study’ published by the Department of Education.

The second table maps where the Intermediate lesson pack and the Advanced lesson packs reflects the subject content of the new GCSE KS4 curriculum (ages 14 – 16). This lesson pack is a great way to prepare students for the non examined assessment (NEA) part of the qualification in year 11. Depending on how you structure your curriculum e.g. a two year or three year KS4, the intermediate lessons could be used in year 9 or year 10 as a 7 – 8 week 3D printing project to help prepare students for the final year NEA Project.

KS3 Design and Technology curriculum

KS4 Design and Technology GCSE

The table below maps where the learnbylayers Intermediate curriculum and the Advanced curriculum meets the standards of the new KS4 GCSE subject content published by the Department of Education. This also includes the links to Maths and Science content that each lesson contains, resulting in a true STEM experience for the students.


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