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  • Advanced lesson pack

    This lesson pack follows on from the Intermediate 3D printing lessons. It can be taught as a stand alone series of lessons or it can be mixed and matched…

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  • Beginners and Intermediate Bundle

    This is a combined bundle of all the content from the Beginners and Intermediate lesson packs. By purchasing  these two lesson packs  you will gain a discount. In this…

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  • Beginners lesson pack

    This pack contains everything you need to start teaching 3D Printing to your classes. No planning is needed as all resources are ready to teach ‘straight out of the…

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  • Intermediate lesson pack

    This pack is a follow on from the beginners course and  contains everything you need to build on students basic 3D Printing knowledge. No planning is needed as all…

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  • Lesson 15 – Intermediate Assessment

    Recommended age range 14 – 16

    This lesson will test students on everything that they have learnt in the last 6 lessons. There are 20 questions of varying difficultly that…

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  • Lesson 17 – Sustainability and 3D printing

    This lesson can be used as an follow on from the Intermediate lesson or as a mix and match.

    Lesson plan
    Lesson powerpoint
    Lesson task worksheets
    Lesson task worksheet…

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  • Lesson 18 – Advanced CAD modelling skills

    This lesson builds upon the intermediate CAD skills learnt in the intermediate lesson pack. The skills that students will learn will enable them to model advanced features and create…

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