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  • Beginners and Intermediate Bundle

    This is a combined bundle of all the content from the Beginners and Intermediate lesson packs. By purchasing  these two lesson packs  you will gain a discount. In this…

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  • Beginners lesson pack

    This pack contains everything you need to start teaching 3D Printing to your classes. No planning is needed as all resources are ready to teach ‘straight out of the…

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  • Curriculum upgrade pack

    The curriculum upgrade pack includes the new lessons that we have added to the curriculum on the 8th of August 2018. If you purchased the full curriculum before the…

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  • Customised Certificates

    Award your students with a certification certification from Learnbylayers that is customised with your school logo in the bottom left corner.  Once purchased send us a copy of your…

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  • Lesson 1 – An introduction to 3D printing

    Lesson 1 – Introduce your classes to 3D printing.

    Intended age range 11 – 13

    Hit the ground running with this introduction lesson to 3D Printing. No planning needed, as all…

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  • Lesson 2 – The 3D Printing Process

    In this lesson students will learn in more detail how 3D printers work based upon X Y and Z coordinates. They will also learn about the key components of…

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  • Lesson 3 – Creating a model to 3D Print

    In this lesson students will learn how to create a model to 3D Print using free CAD modelling software TinkerCAD. Your classes will learn how to create a basic…

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