Expert Lesson 22 – An introduction to Resin 3D printing

This lesson introduces your learners to the high tech world of resin 3D printing. Ideal for 3D printers such as the SLA Formlabs or DLP printers such as the Anycubic Photon.

Intended age range – 16 – 19.

Have you mastered filament based 3D printing and are looking to take your classes into the amazing world of resin 3D printing? Then this lesson will get you started. Learn about how resin 3D printers work and where they are used in industry and society. Learn the process involved with printing designs and then post processing them. Understand why businesses around the world are embracing resin 3D printing and the benefits they bring.

Included in this lesson are;

  • Teaching powerpoint
  • Lesson tasks
  • Lesson task answer sheets
  • Homework tasks
  • Homework tasks answer sheets
  • Lesson plan

What teachers say….

“The quality is very good through out. It was really interesting going through the lessons, I was very impressed”  Mark Chester, AutoDesk Fusion 360 instructor.

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The concept of resin 3D printing it a completely new learning experience to filament based 3D printing. This lesson covers all the key learning associated with how they work, where they are used and the benefits they bring to industry. Included in the lesson is a glossary of key terms used in resin 3D printing and a video demonstrating the SLA 3D printing process.

As well as learning the workflow involved with resin 3D printing, students learn scientific terms such as isotropic and anisotropy, along with the differences between SLA and DLP 3D printing. Learning topics also cover how the resin is solidified by UV light and how the layers are chemically bonded together rather than mechanically bonded with filament based 3D printer.

This is the first lesson in a 7 series lesson pack that includes 12 Fusion 360 tutorials based on designing jewellery for resin 3D printing. All the tutorials come with CAD videos to make the teaching as easy as possible and also to encourage independent learning  by students.

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