Expert assessment – Resin 3D printing

This lesson is an assessment of all the content that has been covered over the previous 6 lessons of this resin 3D printing lesson pack.

As part of this assessment there are 20 questions to answer.

10 questions a practical CAD skills test where students are given short modelling tasks to complete and then analyse the mass/volume and area to ensure they have created the model accurately.

10 questions based on the theory element of the lessons.

This lesson includes;

  • Assessment powerpoint
  • Assessment answers
  • Student answer sheet
  • Example STL file

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This assessment will test your students on everything they have learned as part of this module. The questions are challenging and will stretch and challenge your students.

This assessment requires that students have access to a computer with Fusion 360 and Pre form installed on it. They are taught how to analyse models for mass, volume and area. Then they have to follow the instructions of each question and model the example 3d design shown in the question. They are given measurements to work from to complete the task. After they have modelled the task they then have to check the properties of their model and if they have modelled it to scale then they will recognise the correct answer. All questions are multi choice.