Expert lesson 27 – Jewellery design tutorials – necklace

This lesson is the final lesson in the series that make up 12 design tutorials. Each lesson has 4 different tutorials/challenges for students to complete of varying difficulty. This lesson has 4 tutorials that are based on designing necklaces that can be resin 3D printed.

The recommended age range for these lessons are 16 – 19.

Each tutorial comes with;

  • Step by step instructions on powerpoint
  • Video tutorials for each challenge
  • Example STL files to print out of each jewellery design

The tutorials are all completed using Fusion 360.

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This lesson is the final lesson before the end of module assessment. This lesson has 4 tutorials on how to design necklaces for resin 3D printing.

This could be used as a stand alone lesson or mixed with ring tutorials and then ear ring tutorials. Over the three lessons there are 12 different tutorials that teach students a wide range of 3D CAD skills using fusion 360. The skills taught range from basic CAD skills to advanced skills so there are tutorials that are accessible to all levels of learners.

By the end of these 3 lessons that have 12 design tutorials, your students will be confident in 3D CAD design having learned advanced skills for designing for resin 3D printing.