Learn Python – Beginners lesson pack

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Learn Python for Beginners: Explore our downloadable lesson pack covering fundamental and advanced topics. Intended age range 14+.

This lesson pack includes over 90 downloadable resources ready to teach. Resources are editable and include;

  1. Teacher lesson plans
  2. Teaching slides
  3. Printable lesson tasks with answer sheets
  4. Coding video tutorials
  5. Printable homework tasks with answer sheets
  6. Coding crib sheets
  7. Coding challenges

The content can be easily uploaded to school cloud-based servers e.g. Google classrooom/Microsoft office 365 etc.

It is advisable that teachers have a basic understanding of coding principles before teaching this module.

Introducing our comprehensive Learn Python Curriculum tailored for ages 14 and above, designed to empower your students on their coding journey. This dynamic 9-lesson program covers a range of essential Python concepts, making coding accessible and engaging.

Embark on the learning journey with foundational lessons on Python Printing, Variables, and Data Types. Progress further to grasp the art of coding Python Strings and harnessing Inputs for interactive programs. Dive into the world of Python Math, where numbers meet logic to code more complex programs. Finally, navigate the skill of Python Selection to make decisions in your code, and unravel the power of Loops and Iteration for efficient, repetitive tasks. Each lesson is thoughtfully structured, ensuring a gradual learning curve.

The best part? Our curriculum is downloadable and fully editable, tailoring the experience to your pace and style. Unleash your creativity while honing your Python prowess, all at your convenience.

This lesson pack is classroom-ready with no planning needed. All resources are ready to go and can be taught as a stand-alone project or integrated into existing projects.

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