images of hands holding mobile phones and tablets

Advanced Lesson 19 – Developing Advanced Skills

This lesson builds upon the previous lessons skills and teaches students how to design their own customised smart phone case/cell phone case. Your classes will learn how to calibrate sketches so they can accurately model the sketches for their phone case and then create a customised/personalised design for the case.

This lesson will encourage students to work independently and really build on their parametric Fusion 360 CAD skills.


Resources in this lesson include;

  • Lesson plan
  • Teaching powerpoint with CAD instructions
  • Homework task
  • Answer sheets
  • Example STL files

The ability to design useful products that can be 3dprinted and then used, is vital in the teaching process to keep students enthused about learning. In this lesson your students will learn how to model a smart phone case such as an iphone. The technique used in the lesson can be adapted to any brand of smart phone e.g. Samsung, Sony or HTC etc. All the students will need to do is google the dimensions of their brand of smart phone e.g. the length, width and thickness and then they can model and 3D print their own case.

As with all the lessons, everything is ready to teach. We recommend that the teacher 3D prints out the example case to show the class. The teaching powerpoint outlines the step by step process of modelling the case in Fusion 360. This can be uploaded to students computers so they can work through the lesson at their own pace after the teacher introduction/demonstration. As with all lessons there is also a homework task that reflects on the lesson objectives and also includes a research task about ‘design thinking’.