Expert lesson 25 – Resin Jewellery tutorials – rings

This lesson is the first lesson in a series of 3 lessons that make up 12 design tutorials. Each lesson has 4 different tutorials/challenges for students to complete of varying difficulty.

Each tutorial comes with;

  • Step by step instructions on powerpoint
  • Video tutorials for each challenge
  • Example STL files to print out of each jewellery design
  • Homework task
  • Homework task answer sheet

The tutorials are all completed using Fusion 360.

What teachers say….

“The quality is very good through out.It was really interesting going through the lessons, I was very impressed”  Mark Chester, AutoDesk Fusion 360 instructor.

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As part of lesson 4 students will be challenged with designing a range of rings that can be resin 3D printed. The concept of the lesson is to teach students a variety of 3D CAD skills using fusion 360 to enable them to become confident designers.

In this first lesson on designing rings, there are 4 different tutorials of varying difficulty for students to complete. With every tutorial there are step by step instructions with CAD screen shots and also accompanying video tutorials to watch. The video tutorials can be used to demonstrate to the whole class or they could be used for students to work through the tasks at their own pace.

You could challenge all students to complete all 4 tutorials or allow them to review the tutorials and pick one to complete. With the tasks being of varying difficulty is recommended that this lesson is given at least 1 – 2 hours to complete.

This lesson has a homework that focuses on the benefits of integrating resin 3D printing into a business using a case study from Formlabs.