This lesson plan outlines the structure of this lesson 'An introduction to 3D printing'. The lesson is split into two parts. There is a theory element and a practical modelling element using TinkerCAD modelling software. It is advisable to register students for TinkerCAD before the lesson starts and also print out all the example STL files to use as lesson resources.

The teaching slides form the basis of the lesson. To deliver the lesson move your mouse cursor over the image below and click on the 'full screen' icon to the right of the words 'secure'. This is project the slides full screen and you can then adjust the zoom level to what works best for your class. We find 70% is ideal. Use the arrows in the bottom left corner to change between slides or the arrows on the keyboard or mouse scroll wheel. To close the presentation press the escape key.

This document needs to be printed before the lesson and handed out to your learners for them to complete as part of the learning tasks in the lesson. The second document is the answer sheet for the task. This can be printed as well or presented to the class when reviewing the topics direct from this tab. Alternatively you could project the worksheet full screen and allow learners to copy questions into workbooks or similar if you don't want to print the PDF. Learners could complete this as a class theory exercise, a group question and answer session or similar. Click on the download buttons to print the worksheets

Here is the homework sheet for learners to complete. Press the download button to access the file and print the task. The answer sheet for this is below.

Before the lesson ensure that you download these example STL files and 3D print them off to support the learning tasks. If possible print multiple copies of the cable wrap file to allow learners to refer to the measurements of the design.

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