This lesson plan outlines the structure of this lesson 'How to create 3D models'. After reading through the lesson plan, 3D print out the sample STL file and TinkerCAD help sheet to support the lesson. These are under 'STL files' tab. To support the learning of the students, refer to the modelling tutorial under 'videos'.

The teaching slides form the basis of the lesson. To deliver the lesson move your mouse cursor over the image below and click on the 'full screen' icon to the right of the words 'secure'. This is project the slides full screen and you can then adjust the zoom level to what works best for your class. We find 70% is ideal. Use the arrows in the bottom left corner to change between slides or the arrows on the keyboard or mouse scroll wheel. To close the presentation press the escape key.

The TinkerCAD help sheet and lesson task instructions need to be printed before the lesson and handed out to your learners for them to complete as part of the CAD modelling task.

Here is the homework sheet for learners to complete. Press the download button to access the file and print the task. The answer sheet for this is below.

Before the lesson ensure that you download these example STL files and 3D print them off to support the learning tasks. If possible print multiple copies of the X Y Z file and the keyring file for the learners.

Video 1 – How to model a basic hollow box. This is the first video showing how to model a basic cuboid that is hollowed out using the shaded 3D shapes in TinkerCAD.


Video 2 – How to modify sizes. This demonstrates how to use the ruler feature to change the sizes of the box.


Video 3 – How to modify international measurements. This video shows how to edit the measurements of the internal shell of the box. This is to increase accuracy for the next task of modelling a lid.


Video 4 – How to model a lid. This is the final video in the tutorial demonstrating how to model a lid for the box. If modelled accuracy the lid will be a tight push fit into the main box.

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