Classroom essentials - Getting started

Choosing the right equipment for 3D printing is a big decision and we are often asked what machines do we recommend so here are our amazon pics for 3D printers and consumables. We have personally used all of the printer brands below and they are all highly rated on Amazon.

Best Budget 3D printers

The Anycubic and Creality 3D printers are ideal for starting out. They are easy to assemble and produce great print quality. Also, their reliability is excellent. These machines are very popular in classrooms across the country and are the first choice of many teachers.

Anycubic mega S
Creality Ender 3
Anycubic mega X
Budget and Performance

Best mid range 3D printers

The FlashForge brand 3D printers come ready to use with a vast amount of features. They are excellent value for their price. They are fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. FlashForge is well established in education globally and we have a curriculum that is aligned to their printers and FlashPrint slicing software. Prusa 3D printers are one of the most popular brands in the world and have won multiple awards for 'best 3D printer'. They sell their machines either pre-built or in self-build kit format. Their machines are tried and tested in classrooms across the globe and come with a vast array of features. They are also ideal for hobby use as well.

Flashforge Adventurer 3
prusa 3d printer education
Dremel digilab 3d printer
FlashForge Guider 2
min 3d printer prusa

Best high end 3D printers

These are our best high-end 3D printer pics. They use resin in the 3D printing process and produce outstanding quality parts with no visible layer lines. If you are confident in 3D printing already and want to take the next step, resin 3D printing is a must. We have a dedicated 'expert' curriculum solely focused on resin 3D printing that will work with both these machines. With both these machines, you will need a wash tank and curing station.

Anycubic Photo mono x
Formlabs Form 3

Essential consumables

These are our essential picks of consumables and we highly recommend every teacher or 3D printing enthusiast have spare nozzles and adhesive for ensuring their prints are successful.

printer nozzle kit
magiggo 3d printing glue
Bundle nozzle kit
Glue sticks
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