3D printing curriculum for schools. Can be used with any brand of printer.

We offer three options. Option 1 - subscribe for access. You login to learnbylayers where you can access the lessons resources to teach your learners. Option 2 - Download the files. You download a copy of the files and can edit the content for use in your school. Option 3 - Enterprise plan for business.

Option 1
SUBSCRIBE for access

Log in to teach the lessons.
  • Budget friendly prices
  • Recurring low annual subscription - cancel anytime
  • Download and print lesson tasks & homeworks
  • Download & print answer sheets
  • STL files to print
  • Access online video tutorials
  • Free access to the latest updates
  • Ideal for teachers, parents and homeschoolers.
Low price Annual/6 months subscription - cancel anytime

Option 2
DOWNLOAD the files schools only.

Download the files to teach.
  • Premium product
  • One time payment only
  • Download and edit lesson tasks and homeworks
  • Download & edit answer sheets
  • STL files to print
  • Download the videos
  • Purchase future updates
  • Schools only (purchases must be made direct from schools finance office)
Premium product One time payment

Option 3

Use learnbylayers in your business.
  • Price on request
  • Deliver training sessions with learnbylayers
  • Bundle subscriptions with 3D printer sales
  • Free access to latest updates
  • Multi-license/school discounts
  • Ideal for SME's and startups
  • Curriculum can be used with any printer
  • Perfect for after school STEM clubs/Makerspaces/fablabs
Custom product Email us for more information

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