Lesson 6 – Python Math

Explore the vital connection of math in programming. Learn BIDMAS order, master diverse math operations for accurate coding and effective problem-solving.

Lesson resources include;

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson powerpoint
  • Coding video demonstrations
  • Lesson task worksheets
  • Lesson task worksheet answers
  • Homework task
  • Homework task answer sheet

Indended age range 14+


Mathematics in Programming’ is where numbers and coding unite. This lesson reveals how math shapes your programs’ logic and functionality.

In this lesson, your students will learn;

  • How mathematics forms the backbone of programming, influencing logic, calculations, and problem-solving.
  • Dive into the significance of BIDMAS (Brackets, Indices, Division/Multiplication, Addition/Subtraction), a fundamental order of operations that ensures accuracy and consistency in mathematical expressions.
  • Develop skills in identifying and using different math operations within your code, from basic arithmetic to more complex calculations.

By the end of this lesson, your class will be able to use mathematics in their coding creations. Whether it’s performing calculations, or implementing mathematical concepts, you’ll be equipped to infuse your programs with mathematical prowess. Get your students ready to bridge the gap between numbers and code, paving the way for a world of logical and computational possibilities!

Editable resources in this lesson include, Teachers lesson plan, teaching slides, coding video tutorials to support learning, lesson task worksheet with answers and homework task worksheet with answers.