Advanced Lesson 16 – 3D printing and Manufacturing

Lesson 16 of the 3D printing curriculum

This lesson can be used as an follow on from the Intermediate lesson or as a mix and match.

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What teachers say….

“Lesson 1 was a good refresher for my students since most already have introductory knowledge of 3D printing. It primed us well and got the few new students up to speed quickly” Christopher Dastan,  STEM Teacher at Legacy Academy.

This lesson focuses on 3D printing and manufacturing. This forms part of the Advanced Lesson pack and builds on the intermediate lessons. It can be combined with lessons from the intermediate pack or used as a follow on.

Students will learn how 3D printing is disrupting manufacturing supply chains and how the global supply chain for manufacturing products is moving to a more regional/local one. They will also learn how current companies such as Honda, GE, Adidas and Mini are integrating 3D printing into their businesses with the focus on customisation of products for the consumer.

Topics include how 3D printing can effect Carbon footprint and what Product Miles are in relation to local and international manufacturing. Included in the lesson are youtube links to support the learning.

This lesson includes everything you need to deliver the lesson with no planning needed. All lesson tasks come with answer sheets so students can be involved with the assessment process through peer and self assessment.