Beginners Lesson 4 – Developing Coding skills

In this lesson, your classes will develop their coding skills through a variety of different coding tasks allowing them to 3D print visually impressive designs based upon repeat patterns and tessellation. This lesson is packed with resources that will encourage independent learning and application of scratch programming skills.

Lesson resources include;

  • Lesson PowerPoint
  • Lesson task worksheets
  • Video tutorials
  • Example STL files
  • Homework sheet with answers

Lesson 4 and develops students’ coding skills in readiness for the series of design challenges in the next lesson. The main learning focus is on how to create visually impressive repeat patterns that can be 3D printed.

Including in the learning topic is the study of ‘what is a repeat pattern, where are they used’ and how to code a ‘repeat 3D patterns’. Also is the study of tessellations and M.C Escher who specialized in repeat pattern through tessellation in his Artwork.

Within the lesson content there are multiple different coding tasks for students to complete that build upon their skills and use more challenging coding knowledge e.g. using math ‘variable code blocks’ and ‘repeat’ pattern code blocks to create impressive visual 3D models that can then be 3D printed.

This lesson helps prepare students with all the skills needed for the ‘Coding Design Challenge Lesson’ where they will have to respond to a series of challenges to create 3D prints using their coding skills.

No prior knowledge is needed as everything is included with the resources. All coding tasks have written explanations of what to do allowing students to work at their own pace during class.