Intermediate Lesson 12 – Intermediate design challenge

Intermediate 3D Printing

Recommended age range 14 – 16

In this lesson your students will build upon the previous lesson an introduction to Fusion 360 and apply their skills to a series of design challenges. There are four different challenges differentiated so all students can progress in the lesson.

Lesson resources include;

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson powerpoint
  • Homework task and answer sheet
  • Example STL files of the different challenges
  • Design challenge worksheets

What teachers say….

“Simple and obviously produced by teachers for teachers. They are a god sent resource.” Ges Cocker, Dover Grammar School

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In this lesson your students will be given the chance to showcase their CAD design skills and attempt a series of CAD design challenges. They will also learn the concept of workplanes in Fusion 360 and how to add a new workplane into a design and use the ‘loft’ feature to create new unique designs.

Students will have four design challenges to attempt. All challenges have been designed so that the 3D Printed outcome will be a fully usable product that students can take home. Instructions come in both mm and inches.

Bronze – Design a pencil caddy that can hold up to ten pencils.

Silver – Design a mini screw driver holder.

Gold – Design a tea light holder.

Platinum – Design a fidget spinner.

All lessons have a starter task, main learning task and plenary task.