Advanced Lesson 18 – Advanced CAD modelling skills

This lesson builds upon the intermediate CAD skills learnt in the intermediate lesson pack. The skills that students will learn will enable them to model advanced features and create high quality usable products. This lesson contains;

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson powerpoint
  • Lesson task worksheet
  • Lesson task worksheet answers
  • Homework task
  • Homework task answer sheet
  • STL files

What teachers say….

“Differentiated resources enabled students to progress well and increase student enjoyment. Learnbylayers has saved me hours in planning, thank you!”  Lucy Tongue (Head of Faculty Design technology and Engineering – Tudor grange Kingshurst Academy) 

This lesson focused on students learning advanced CAD modelling skills to enable them to model use able high quality products in the Design Challenge lesson.

Students will learn to combine a range of skills such as how to create extruded patterns on curved surfaces and how to create more complex products. One of the main tasks after learning new Fusion 360 skills is to model a customised bike grip using flexible filament. This can then be added to students bicycles allowing for them to have personalised grips on their bikes.

This lesson has extensive video tutorials embedded along with step by step printable instruction sheets to assist students in the CAD modelling of the designs.

Included is example STL files of all the models that learners are to create. These can be printed before the lesson allowing for students to handle and analyse the models making the lesson interactive and practical.

This is a perfect lesson to follow on from the intermediate design challenges. The lesson comes with STL files, video tutorials, teaching powerpoint, lesson instruction worksheets and a theory based homework task.

This is ready to use with no planning needed by the teacher.