Advanced Lesson 20 – Design Challenge

This lesson will allow your students to apply all of the skills they have learnt in the previous lesson and also the intermediate lesson plans to demonstrate their full knowledge and skills in 3D CAD modelling.  Design challenges are differentiated so that all students can achieve in the lesson.

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson powerpoint
  • Lesson task worksheets
  • Lesson task worksheet answers
  • Bronze, silver, gold and platinum design challenge STL files

The Advanced Design Challenge can be run over a single lesson or over a double, depending on the range of ability in the class. This is the lesson where students need to apply what they have learnt from the previous lessons to design a range of high quality products.

There are 4 design challenges that come with step by step instruction sheets that are printable for students to work from.

The challenges range from bronze level challenges that reflect the skills learnt in the previous lesson to more complex design challenges (silver, gold and platinum), that require a higher level of analysis and thinking. These design challenges will stretch your students.

All the resources are ready to use with no planning needed. The lesson also comes with example STL files that can be printed out before the lesson to help students with the various design challenges.