Graphic of students sitting an exam

Intermediate Lesson 15 – Intermediate Assessment

Recommended age range 14 – 16

This lesson will test students on everything that they have learnt in the last 6 lessons. There are 20 questions of varying difficultly that reflect all of the main topics that have been covered in the course.

The questions are a mix of short one word answer questions, multiple choice questions and questions that require a short written statment.

Lesson resources include;

  • Powerpoint with questions on each slide
  • Powerpoint with the answers on
  • Test answer sheet

What teachers say….

“Quality lessons and they are easy to execute” Christopher Dastan,  STEM Teacher at Legacy Academy.

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As with all the resources the powerpoint and lesson answer sheet is fully editable, so questions/wording can be altered to reflect the needs of the learners.

The test is designed to be self assessed or peer assessed. This will allow students immediate feedback on what they know and don’t know and will allow them to correct any mistakes.

The questions are taken from the learning topics of each lesson and the homework tasks.