graphic of screen and 3D text

Beginners Lesson 4 – Developing modelling skills

This lesson builds on the skills learnt in lesson 3 and helps prepare students for design challenge in lesson 5. In this lesson your classes will learn how to model a small 3D printed keyring that can be doubled as a smart phone stand.

The lesson involves maths skills by encouraging students to measure the thickness of their smart phone and then incorporate this into the design.

Resources in this lesson include;

  • Lesson plan
  • Teaching powerpoint
  • Lesson tasks
  • Homework task
  • Answer sheets
  • Example STL files

What teachers say ….

“It has helped us to quickly focus on the key skills and reduced the time spent in researching and preparing resources for students” Ges Cocker, Dover Grammar School for Girls.

In this lesson students will be taught how to model a small keyring that can be used as a smart phone stand.  The lesson is designed so the modelling can be done in under 30 minutes and is a quick and easy design for the teacher to print off. Each one should take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to print, allowing for a quick turn around for the following weeks lesson.

As with every lesson all the resources can be edited by the teacher. No planning is needed, just print off the resources and the deliver to the class. The teaching powerpoint details the step by step instructions of how to create the model and compliments the lesson task worksheet that students have to work through.