Advanced Lesson 17 – Sustainability and 3D printing

This lesson can be used as an follow on from the Intermediate lesson or as a mix and match.

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What teachers say….

“Well structured, informative and engaging lessons that are easy to use and adapt for staff; even none subject specialists.” Lucy Tongue (Head of Faculty Design technology and Engineering – Tudor grange Kingshurst Academy) 

Sustainability and 3D printing is an essential topic for students to learn about. From using sustainable and recycled materials in the 3D printing process, to actually designing models with the environment in mind, this lesson covers indepth the issues faced with manufacturing and our environment.

The lesson also covers how 3D printers compare to CNC milling machines and the factors that you would need to consider when choosing the best manufacturing method and materials e.g. using recycled plastics in the 3D printing process.

Learning topics also include the 6 Rs and how they can be applied to 3D printing in a sustainability content. To support the lesson there are youtube links to videos so students can gain a deeper understanding of the subjects being covered.

All tasks come with answer sheets to ensure that students can self assess and peer assess work along with homework’s as well. This lesson is ready to be used straight away with no planning needed.